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The pristine beauty of the island Ankazoberavina are protected and preserved by Società Nature Sauvage, with the recognition by local authorities of "protected area" for the island and for the sea that surrounds it.

The island emerging from the crystal clear sea with its hilly profile and presents the visitor with a series of soft bumps covered with lush vegetation. Ankazoberavina is in fact entirely covered by dense forest full. For the people of Madagascar this is the island of “trees with big leaves”, the high badannier (atafana in Malagasy) that abound along with "ravinala": the famous traveler palm symbol of Madagascar.

Coming from the sea you can see the various bays of the island , the lush Mangrove Bay, the white reef beach that welcomes to the resort and the Bay of black beaches, formed by smooth pebbles of basalt, where, in front of the sea, the seabed offer a spectacle of underwater flora and fauna, with lush coral formations, sea anemones, starfish and colorful tropical fish.

Ankazoberavina is the place of choice for many marine animal species that choose its sea to rest during the great migrations, as humpback whales or & nbsp; reproduce like turtles that come to lay their eggs undisturbed on the beach, which you can admire the hatching.

The island is home to many rare animals, including thefisher eagle , endemic to Madagascar , of which there are about 200 individuals and 3 of which are stationed on the island, the characteristic lemurs, diurnal and nightlife, typical primates of Madagascar, chameleons and the sule.

Ankazoberavina - Our activities

Ankazoberavina offers you a wide range of unique activities: from hiking to paradise places until the whale.

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The stay at Ankazoberavina Ecolodge allows you to take half day or full day excursions with the organization of a charming fish picnic.

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Snorkeling and Diving are one of the most fascinating experiences offered by Ankazoberavina in Madagascar; Even the less experienced ones can immerse themselves in the wonderful waters of the island.

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Fishing & Sailing

Fishing is one of the most exciting activities at Ankazoberavina in Madagascar. In fact, the seafront where our island is immersed is one of the most fishermen of the Indian Ocean and all over the world.

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Whale Watching

Ankazoberavina in Madagascar thanks to its location on the humpback street, offers a unique opportunity to see and admire them closely. With Max's guide you can organize daily excursions.

Ankazoberavina - Our structure

Ankazoberavina offers you several accommodation options: Standard Bungalow, Superior Bungalow and a fantastic Bungalow on the Tree

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Bungalow Standard

Our Standard Bungalows measure approximately 32 square meters and are made of wood and local techniques respecting the island's ecosystem.

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Bungalow Superior

Our Superior Bungalows always respecting traditional architecture offer more space for the room, the mezzanine floor and the stone masonry bathroom.

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Bungalow on the Tree

Wake up in the morning and get stuck by the first rays of sun or relaxed by the noises of the forest: these are some of the emotions offered by the Bungalow on the Tree .

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